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God After Deconstruction

Join Thomas Jay Oord and Tripp Fuller as they help you embrace the uncertainty, explore profound topics, and offer a constructive, hope-filled vision of God grounded in open and relational theology. 

Do I Stay Christian?

Dive deep into Brian McLaren’s book “Do I Stay Christian?: A Guide for the Doubters, the Disappointed, and the Disillusioned.”

The Historical Jesus

Join John Dominic Crossan for a visual lecture series on the historical Jesus with special guests Brian Zahnd, Brian McLaren, Jennifer Garcia Bashaw, and Diana Butler Bass.

Empty Altars

Join Diana Butler Bass as she shares stories that need to be told of “saints” you know and those you need to know in a quirky learning journey through American religious history.

Theology of Culture

Join John Caputo as he engages Paul Tillich, Mary Daly, and James Cone, while characterizing radical theology as a theology of the God beyond God.

Upsetting the Powers

Adam Clark and six special guests explore central themes from the legacy of James Cone. If black lives matter to our life as a species and a church, then it is time to listen to the voices who have already been speaking and living this gospel proclamation.